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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mental health?

A healthy mind leads to good mental health. A good mental health is related to psychological well being.

What are mental illnesses?

Mental health conditions that adversely affect mood, behavior, thinking are called mental health illnesses or Mental Health Disorders.

What are some common mental health disorders?

Depression, Schizophrenia, Anxiety disorders, Mania, Addictions, sexual disorders are various kinds of mental health disorders commonly seen.

Which age groups are commonly affected by mental illness?

All age groups are affected by mental illness.

Is it true that ‘Only weak minded, poor and physically weak people get Depression?

Depression affects any person irrespective of one’s economical or physical condition.Studies show that one in twenty Indians suffer from depression.

If I consult psychiatrist, does that mean I am “Mad”?

It is a common misconception and stigma related to Mental Health. A physical illness, e.g. malaria, heart failure, arthritis, etc. requires proper treatment from a physician to get better. Similarly a mental illness, whose symptoms are at times not very obvious and ignored, but are as disabling as any physical illness, also requires proper guidance and treatment.

Psychiatrists only prescribe pills. True or False?

There are various modalities of treatment for mental health disorders which include medications (pharmacotherapy), Counselling and psychotherapy which may be used singly or in combination. The modality of treatment required, varies from patient to patient and the severity of the illness. In certain illnesses, just therapy may even suffice.

Are psychiatric medications addictive? Will I have to take medications forever?

Psychiatric medications are not addictive. Medications help in the gradual correction of neurochemical imbalance in the various centers in Brain.This is achieved by regular, supervised intake of the medications in the prescribed manner. Few mental illnesses require long term treatment just like other physical illness like Hypertension and Diabetes mellitus.

Mental health importance days/weeks

March World Sleep Day
May 24th World Schizophrenia Day
April 2nd World Autism Awareness Day
April 7th World Health Day
May 31st World No Tobacco Day
June 26th International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
September 10th World Suicide Prevention Day
21st September World Alzheimer’s Day
October first week Mental Health Awareness Week
October 10th World Mental Health Day

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