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Mental health issues related to WORK FROM HOME

Mental health issues related to WORK FROM HOME

Mental health issues related to WORK FROM HOME

Corona Pandemic has adversely affected the general health condition of the whole of mankind all over the world. This has led to drastic changes in all the aspects of daily life and office working places are no exception to this. With the lockdown insight, many companies adopted the policy of Work from Home for their employees. Earlier work from home was an option which employees would sometimes opt for, but now it is the only option for many employees to continue working. For many employees, this has been a big change. Many professionals have not been mentally prepared for this change. A change in this way of working away from the office environment has indeed given rise to various challenges to work from home. They range from the very basic like not having proper tools like internet connectivity etc to various other issues. Many people also face difficulty to work efficiently due to adverse home environment like managing chores at home (as not domestic help available) along with the office work. Many people are not able to manage the daily schedule as the limit set of office hours has vanished. Long hours of screen exposure have itself brought a new set of troubles like the fatigue of eyes, tension headache, etc. Staying at home all the time, not able to meet friends and family, avoiding going out to common places like the park, etc- are one of the multiple hurdles coming in the way of many individuals to just enjoy the lifestyle people have enjoyed all their lives. LONELINESS another major issue faced by many unmarried individuals during this period. All these are very Major changes to which many individuals are finding difficulty to adapt. Difficulty to adopt many times leads to Stress-Mental Stress. An individual is facing issues like

  • Sleep disturbances
  • Increased levels of anxiety
  • Sadness of mood
  • Increased Irritability
  • Increased consumption of Addictive substances like alcohol, nicotine products, etc.

All these mental health issues require to be addressed at the early stages. If not addressed at the right time, they start affecting the work performance of the individual further affecting his performance at work from home. We at UMANG CLINIC, offer an online consultation facility to address these issues. We provide a diagnosis as well as treatment services including counseling to address the issues. Remember You are most important than anything else that means to us, please feel free to contact us anytime if you are stressed due to the pressure of work from home job.

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