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Services for Corporate Sector

Services for Corporate Sector

Services for Corporate Sector

Corporate the sector is known for its unique job lifestyle. It’s a quick-paced world. The life of an Employer and their Employee are under constant pressure to achieve targets at their work and excel in their fields. The constant pursuit of achieving goals many times can have an impact on the lives of the people in Corporate. As a result, many employees face Mental Stress. This stress can be felt in various forms like Anxiety, sleep disturbances, difficulty in concentration, increased substance abuse, etc. Overall the work performance of the Employee starts getting affected adversely and in turn affects other colleagues at work and subsequently the workplace on the whole. To address these issues, we at UMANG CLINIC offer to tie up services with corporate companies to take care of the mental health issues of the people at workplaces. We also offer Corporate training services on various topics like Stress Management, Training for early identification of mental health issues, Positive mental health, Training for Interpersonal communication, Assertiveness skills training, etc. Remember that initiatives for the Mental health well-being of the employees always yield excellent results in form of improved work performance of the employee. Also, a Corporate place undertaking initiatives always reflects a good work culture at their office and in return can improve employee's attachment towards the Company and thus strengthen the relationship between the employee and the Company.

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