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Happy World Sexual Day

lets Talk About Sex

World Suicide Prevention Day

World Alziehmers Day

World Vaginismus Day

World Suicide Prevention Day

Happy World Sexual Health Day

PCOS symptoms and treatment

Dr. Kumar Kamble and Dr. Sandhya Saharan gives an insight about use of contraceptionfor safety

All you need to know about family planning with Dr Kumar Kamble

Learn from experts about sex education for girls

Sex Education for Teenager Boys - Sex education in India || Medicircle

Menopause - Risk factor and their treatment | Sexual problems during menopause

Menopause - Definition, symptoms, causes and more

A better way to communicate with LBGTQ explained
by Dr. Kumar Kamble

Social acceptance of lgbtq community | Medicircle

Why the SUICIDE RATE IS HIGHER in MEN than women ?
| Suicidal tendency

Struggles and discrimination of LGBTQ
| Open Talk with experts on LBGTQ | Medicircle

Myth busted about same-sex attraction
| Know the importance and essence of Pride month

Bindas Bol with Dr. Kumar Kamble - De-Addiction Series-
Episode-7- Say No to tobacco

De-addiction specialist Dr. Kumar Kamble informs
teenagers to say “NO” to addiction.

COVID vaccination and alcohol addiction connection
| Alcohol and the feel-good factor | Medicircle

Bindaas Bol with Dr. Kumar Kamble
- Deaddiction Series

Umang Clinic - Independence day special !! 15th August 2021.
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Dr. Kumar Kamble, Sexologist talks about various aspects of male and female orgasms

Aging gracefully is very important. A powerful bonding and companionship are very important in old age for healthy living. Dr. Kumar Kamble speaks about the changes which are normal at old age in sexual health and should not be considered as a problem.

Dr. Kumar Kamble, Psychiatrist, De-Addiction Specialist and Sexologist, Umang Clinic, talks about all aspects related to wet dreams and clears many doubts related to it that people have in their minds but fear approaching experts.

‘‘Whenever we talk about sexual health, it is not only the sexual parts we refer to, but we refer to our brain as well as it is intrinsically related to our sexual health and reproductive health,’’ says Dr. Kumar Kamble, Psychiatrist, De-addiction Specialist, and Sexologist, Umang Clinic.

Dr. Kamble, Psychiatrist, De-addiction specialist and Sexologist talks about Sexual Health

What is Addiction? Things you should Know | A vicious Cycle | Drug Addict & Alcohol Addict Treatment

World Leprosy Day 2021

Republic Day 2021 Mental Health Check-up Camp

Student Life and Suicide

Youth and Mental Health

Role of organization / management for provision of mental health at workplace

Role of Boss - Mental Health at workplace

How to help co-worker stressed out at workplace

How to deal with stress at workplace

Signs of stress at workplace

Factors affecting Mental Health at workplace

what if I get corona? Part 2

what if I get corona? Part 1

Mental Health Stigma

Depression - Mental Health Week 2020

Anxiety - Mental Health Week 2020

Addiction - Mental Health Week 2020

Schizophrenia - Mental Health Week 2020

World Mental Health Day 2020 - Interview with Kesari Ujala TV channel

Treatment of Mental Illness

What is the mind?

World Suicide Prevention Day (In Hindi) - Dr Kumar Kamble talks to Kesari Ujala News channel.

Ignorance and mental stress associated with mental health

Ignorance and mental stress associated with mental health

Addiction illness and awareness

Depression - Mental Illness


Easy ways to quit tobacco

Mental and physical health awareness message for Police Staff personal who are working tirelessly in these testing times

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